Obama Campaign Spokeswoman Won’t Call Mandate a ‘Tax’

SOLEDAD O’BRIEN: Stephanie, it’s a victory, how are you feeling this morning? STEPHANIE CUTTER: Well, as the president said yesterday, this is really a victory for the American people, because there are tens of millions of Americans already benefitting of this law, through cost savings, rebate checks are going out to people across the country. … Continue reading

Armed Islamists Destroy Ancient Timbuktu Shrines With Axes

Islamists from the Ansar Dine group have reportedly destroyed several of the ancient shrines in Timbuktu. Via France 24: VOA reported: Armed Malian Islamists are destroying shrines and mausoleums in Timbuktu. Witnesses told VOA Saturday that members of the Ansar Dine Islamist group are attacking the historic sites with axes and other instruments. Witnesses say … Continue reading

Viva La Obama!… George Clooney to Host Obama Fundraisers in Europe

(Radar Online) Far left Obama supporter George Clooney will hold fundraisers for Barack Obama in France and Switzerland in August. Via The Hollywood Reporter: George Clooney has signed on for another special guest appearance as the Barack Obama re-election campaign takes its summer fundraising tour across the Atlantic in pursuit of Euro-cash. The Obama campaign … Continue reading

Rasmussen: Obama gets polling bump from high court health ruling

President Obama is leading Mitt Romney thanks to a bump from last Thursday’s high court healthcare ruling, according to a survey released Saturday from conservative polling outlet Rasmussen.  Rasmussen’s latest daily presidential tracking poll finds Obama with 46 percent support from likely voters to Romney’s 44. The poll noted that this was the first time … Continue reading

Obama heads to Camp David for weekend

President Obama started his holiday weekend on Saturday, leaving the White House to meet his family at Camp David. Obama left the White House shortly before 1 p.m. for a long weekend at the presidential retreat with the first family. Obama, who left the Oval Office with shirt sleeves and khakis and what looked like … Continue reading

GOP Weekly Address: We Will Repeal the Massive ObamaTax

“Hi. I’m Dr. John Barrasso, United States Senator for Wyoming. “The President and his allies in Congress are going to try to convince the public that the Supreme Court just gave the health care law a seal of approval. “The fact is that this is the same failed policy that won’t lower the cost of … Continue reading